What is a Personal Health Advocate?

November 16, 2022
3 min read
Daniel Bolus

We all are striving to live a healthy, fulfilling life. And yet, many times it seems as if we fall short. There's something we don't have, something we didn't do, or something that we're just embarrassingly bad at.

So we start asking the internet, directly or indirectly, to help us grow towards that dream of living a healthy life. How should I be exercising to achieve the flexibility I want? How do I save enough money for my family? How do I find that family? How can I have just one good night of sleep?

When you hit enter on a Google search result, you immediately are targeted with a whole army of ads, trying to convince you to buy certain goods and services. These ads lead to purchasing decisions that drive a lot of our interactions with health in our modern society.

There is a huge, gaping flaw in this system. How do we really know who's on our side? Which of these products are bringing us closer to achieving healthy lives? How do we know which companies are genuine? Who really cares that we are growing in our personal health?

Enter the health advocate. A health advocate is someone in your life who is on your side no matter what the circumstance, always promoting and supporting your personal health. Health advocates come in many forms, like your parents, partner, siblings, best friends, and more. Health advocates help block negative paths and pave positive paths in your life.

A health advocate is someone in your life who is on your side no matter what.

But even our closest health advocates don't always know whether a product or service you find on the internet is really good or not - or worse case - a complete scam. These scattered and unverified health services are becoming more and more prevalent as the internet gets larger, more unregulated, and more confusing.

We at ClubHealth are digital health advocates for you and your employees.

Written by
Daniel Bolus
CEO, ClubHealth

Daniel is on a mission to change how people access health and wellness for the better. He's a community builder with a knack for bringing people and companies together.