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Turbocharge your wellness stipend with our fully automated platform and give your employees benefits that they'll really love.
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built for your whole team

Give employees access to premium, affordably-priced health & wellness subscriptions covering mental health, fitness, gym memberships, nutrition, family care and more—all in one place!

"We didn't know that an impactful platform like ClubHealth could be so affordable and accessible for small businesses! It really shows my employees that we care about their whole health and wellness in a meaningful and inclusive way. ClubHealth goes above and beyond with the support and care that they put into their platform."

— Mikaela Kiner, CEO

built for the individual

Employees select the holistic wellness solutions that fit their lifestyles from our exclusive marketplace.

Mental Health

built for diverse employees

There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to employee wellness. Everyone is unique, and our marketplace reflects that.

More than 70 health and wellness tools
Age, gender & culturally-inclusive
Continuously updated with the most relevant products

built for engagement

With the flexibility of monthly subscriptions, employees are never locked into a product that they don't need. The platform encourages them to ditch what's not working, and stick to what is.

built to save you money

You deserve to get the most out of your budget. With ClubHealth, only pay for the products your employees actually use.

built to save you time

No more managing reimbursements or manually tracking spend. Our platform does it all for you—just set a budget and let the magic happen.

ClubHealth is incredibly simple to deploy.

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ClubHealth is a fully-automated platform. Get monthly reports and watch employee engagement rise.

Hear what dynamic teams are saying about ClubHealth.

ClubHealth has transformed employee engagement when compared to our previous health & wellness programs. Our people are so thankful to have product options that match their unique lifestyles.
Robert Mayar  -  Founder of Airbnb
ClubHealth is the platform that our team has been searching for. A simple tool that caters perfectly to our diverse workforce - bravo!
Kellie Rodero -  HR at Stripe

Small businesses love ClubHealth.