Corporate Savings with Flexible Benefits

April 11, 2023
1 min
Daniel Bolus

Many companies are facing large budget-cuts or pressure to maximize the use of current funds. How do we reassess how we distribute benefits in this current climate, so that the needs of our employees are met, our culture is enhanced, and we can continue to operate as progressive, strong organizations where diverse employees feel valued and adequately invested in?

A strikingly simple solution has emerged to accomplish all of these goals: flexible benefits.

What are flexible benefits? Offering flexible benefits simply means that individual employees can choose different benefits. Instead of paying for twenty point solutions spanning holistic health and wellness to address the needs of all of your employees, an organization can partner with a company like ClubHealth instead that allows employees to choose their own wellness benefits given a fixed stipend. In this way, employees are empowered to choose diverse, inclusive benefits while at the same time the organization reduces cost and maximizes the efficiency and impact of their budget.

Want to learn more about how flexible benefits can save costs at your organization? Head over to our contact page to book a demo with ClubHealth!

Written by
Daniel Bolus
CEO, ClubHealth

Daniel is on a mission to change how people access health and wellness for the better. He's a community builder with a knack for bringing people and companies together.