Designing an Inclusive Wellness Program

October 1, 2022
2 min read
Daniel Bolus

Designing an employee wellness program is arguably one of the more difficult tasks assigned to human resource teams. And now we've been faced with that same daunting task on top of our employees living and working in scattered environments.

Gone are the days where an in-office snack bar and gym can meet the needs of our employees. Remote employees are now requesting support with mental health, nutrition, family life, and more. How can we possibly meet the needs of a diverse, scattered workforce without our own internal human resource teams becoming overwhelmed? The solution we have found is a combination of diversity and simplicity.

The solution is a combination of diversity and simplicity.

The role of solutions like ClubHealth

ClubHealth acts as a central wellness marketplace that allows employees to choose amongst inclusive employee wellness resources given a stipend. In this way, we can serve the needs of a broad population without exhausting company resources, as you only pay for products that your employees are actively subscribing to. This mix of diversity with the convenience of one central platform is crucial to creating an inclusive wellness program that is both simple and engaging to your distributed workforce.

Written by
Daniel Bolus
CEO, ClubHealth

Daniel is on a mission to change how people access health and wellness for the better. He's a community builder with a knack for bringing people and companies together.