Why Your Employees Need Personalized Health Perks

November 2, 2022
3 min read
Daniel Bolus

The modern workplace is continuously evolving and is no longer defined by a common time and place.

Within this context, employees are excited to explore diverse lifestyles. Some might choose to live on a remote island and conduct work from a beach paradise, while others may choose to explore cities in new ways, bouncing between working from coffee shops or their apartment.

A significant problem has arisen out of this new age of flexibility - how do we provide relevant benefits to employees who are scattered across time zones and are exploring diverse lifestyles? The answer is simple: one size does NOT fit all. Rather than offer benefits that are the same for everyone, why not let employees choose their own benefits that match their lifestyle?

One size does not fit all.

We at ClubHealth are empowering employees to do just that! Given a monthly stipend from their employer, employees can access our health and wellness marketplace and subscribe to cutting-edge digital health tools that match their diverse lifestyles. We cannot wait for you to join us!

Written by
Daniel Bolus
CEO, ClubHealth

Daniel is on a mission to change how people access health and wellness for the better. He's a community builder with a knack for bringing people and companies together.